List of Libraries in Kolkata,library in kolkata

List of Libraries in Kolkata (Calcutta)

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List of Libraries in Kolkata (Calcutta).

Kolkata is widely known as the centre for culture and heritage. Keeping up to the expectations of many, Kolkata has a large list of libraries which hosts valuable collections of some world famous authors. These are enriched literary documents, kept for public reading, borrowing and or for reference, to enrich the process of knowledge sharing among the cultured citizens. Below is a list of some famous libraries in Kolkata, for your visit.

Public Libraries in Kolkata, Lending Libraries in Kolkata

Apeejay Anand Childrens Library
Apeejay Anand Childrens’ library, belongs to the Apeejay group, and can be considered as a renowned centre for knowledge, in Kolkata for the children. Besides, educational information which includes, encyclopaedias, reference books etc, the library maintains a huge collection for comics, storybooks and dictionaries as well. Apeejay group has been very innovative in providing nourishment for the young souls of Kolkata, a small representation  for which is being manifested through this library.

Asiatic Society
Conceived and founded by Sir William Jones, in the year 1784, the institution is dedicated towards oriental research. Well enriched with, good literature, language encyclopaedias, photographs, maps etc, the books are based on topics ranging from Independence of Bengal to Modern Astronomy.  Thus, the library provides for an extensive knowledge platform, for the educated population of the city. Being strategically located, in Park Street, the office, can be reached conveniently from any part of Kolkata, within a short time.

Bangiya Hindi Parishad
As the name suggests, Bangiya Hindi Parishad, is dedicated to promote our national language, Hindi, in the public platform. Having a great collection of different types of Hindi books, the library is a great place to share knowledge. Conveniently,  located at College street, the library is easily accessible for the general public.

Bangiya Sahitya Parishad
Founded, in the year, 1910, Bangiya Sahitya Parishad is an originality of medieval architecture, which includes medieval stone, metal sculptures, manuscripts, as well as objects related to art and archaeology. A significant feature is rare collections like apparel and articles related to Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Sister Nivedita. The museum is open on all weekdays for 5 hours, post noon, except for Thursdays and public holidays.

Bangla Academy
Devoted, towards the cause of Bangladesh, Bangla Academy is truly the representation of Bengali literature, culture, and lifestyle pertaining, to the neighbouring country.

The Academy contains rich historical literature, which relates to the various aspects like the glorious past, heroic struggle and immense sacrifice of human lives in the name of religion, especially during the British regime in India.

Bar Library
Situated within the court premises in Alipore Judges’ court, the Bar library, is an extensive collection of rare court cases, which have been compiled for the reference of the legal professionals. Besides, the library hosts, various books, periodicals and journals, related to the law and order of our country. The library provides an extensive knowledge-sharing platform for the lawyers and other legal professionals of our country

BC Roy Library
Exclusively, designed for the children, B C Roy library is located in New Delhi, inside the building of Children’s Book Trust. Founded in 1967, by K Shankar Pillai, the renowned Cartoonist. Membership facilities opened for children between 5 – 18 years of age, the club has a membership fees varying between Rs 650 – Rs 1200, depending on certain criteria. The library consisting of enriched resources on books, references, periodicals and journals, provides for a healthy knowledge environment.

Bengal Library Association
The library originally founded by Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, in the year 1925. Although founded by Deshbandhu, the library was presided by the great poet, Rabindranath Tagore. With a rich heritage of Bengal, and very conveniently situated in CIT Scheme, Kolkata: 700 014, the library is a rich collection of Bengali books on literature, history, social topics and others. It also hosts a computer room, which is allowed for members, to be used.

Bose Institute
Founded by Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, in the year 1917, the library was originally meant for the so called ‘ research oriented minds of the city. Frequently and conveniently used by the teaching staffs of different schools and colleges, the library presents an extensive collection of books based on science related topics. Open between 09: 45 AM to 06:15 PM, on all weekdays, the library has its’ newly opened wing in the ‘ Acharya J.C. Bose Centenary Campus, in Kankurgachi.

British Council Library
Located in Camac Street, in one of the busiest parts of the city, British Council Library forms a huge collection of books, journals, periodicals etc, dedicated towards promoting the spread of British culture and their language in our so called developing economies. Hoarded with a lot of informative stuffs, the library is accessible by the general public, on all weekdays between 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM, except for British and Indian Holidays and weekends. The library facilities are quite highly chargeable for general members, while there are special discounts for students and teachers of different educational institutes in Kolkata. Well equipped with modern technology such as CD players and Internet, the library acts as a support services for the activities promoting British Council in India.

Maulana Azad Memorial Library
Named by Maulana Azad, a renowned independence fighter, this is actually a meeting point for the budding researchers of Kolkata. Designed as an independent research organization, the library is dedicated towards ‘ Asian studies ‘, promoting the socio cultural aspects of the Asian countries. The library is operating directly under the Ministry of culture, is ideal for researchers and faculties having interest in this area.

National Library
Considered to be an institute for national importance, National library located at the confluence of Belvedere road in Alipore, contains one of the largest collections of books and documents across entire state. It also hosts separate language division for several languages. The library is governed by the ‘Ministry of Tourism and Culture’.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation
Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) was primarily established as a promotional agency, for rendering advisory and consultancy services in order to provide funding for public library development. Established in the year 1972, the organization was dedicated to the cause of promoting library movement, besides providing for financial assistance, and maintaining of well researched documents helping in these activities.