Art Galleries in Kolkata

List of Art Galleries in Kolkata (Calcutta)

These are specifically allocated places for display of art works, which are visual in nature. Broadly displaying a host of collections, which includes paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, textiles, costume, drawings and collages, here is a list of of few famous Art Galleries in Kolkata.

Kolkata Art Gallery, Art Galleries in Kolkata

Abanindranath Art Gallery
Originally and popularly known as ‘ The School of Industrial Art ‘, Abanindra Nath Art Gallery is one of the finest and oldest art galleries of Kolkata. The School also known as ‘ Government College of Arts and Crafts ‘ was founded in 1884. The college hosts one of the most rare galleries displaying authentic Indian Art, to satiate the art lovers. Named after the famous painter Abanindra Nath, a Tagore family member, the college has its’ pride in being one of the authentic art galleries to have this great painter as the Vice Principal.

Ashutosh Museum of Indian Art
Another famous art galleries in kolkata, located in the centenary building of ‘ The University of Calcutta ‘, Ashutosh Museum is an original representation of the rich cultural heritage and art flavor of Bengal. The museum, which was established in 1937, before independence, has a rich collection of books focusing on Indian art, culture and heritage. The museum contains some of the finest artifacts like clay sculptures blended in Hindu and Buddhist architecture, pata chitras or handmade paintings, embroidered kanthas, as well as palm leaf manuscripts. Open on all weekdays between 10:30 am till 5:00 pm, the museum provides sea knowledge for students and professionals interested in the field of Indian history, culture and archeology.

Birla Academy of Art and Culture
Situated in a prime location in South Kolkata, called Southern Avenue, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, provides a respite for art lovers through display of simple and modern art. Closed specifically on Tuesdays, art exhibitions are a regular feature at this spot, which attracts the rich social clientele of the city.

The Centre for International Modern Art, a famous art gallery in Kolkata opened in 1993, under the supervision of Ananda Bazar Patrika Limited, is one of the premier centres for display of Indian art and culture. The centre for art has been designed after renowned heritage art museums in London and New York, and gives the public a touch and flavor of Western art and culture. CIMA, has about 9000 square feet of area, 
Organizes art exhibitions frequently, in order to market creative excellence for public acclaim. CIMA also implements several projects of different types, in relation with other public utility bodies.

Gallery 88
A classic art gallery of repute, Gallery 88, is one of the famous art galleries, displaying modern and contemporary art of our country. Distinguishing itself through, organization of art camps, the gallery is ideal for new generation art lovers of creative talent who wants to display their work for public view and acceptance.

Gallery Sanskriti
The gallery, which is established in 1990, is located conveniently at Alipore Road and has a huge collection of traditional prints, watercolor paintings, sculptures and other forms of art. Besides, the art gallery also has a branch at our capital city, New Delhi. Ambica Beri, a famous personality, besides being able to promote personalities like Bikash Bhattacharjee, Aditya Basak and Ashok Hazra, is managing the gallery.

Genesis Art Gallery
A well-known and widely popular centre for excellence, Genesis art gallery is yet another famous art and heritage centres of the ‘City of Joy’. Located, in the heart of the city, in between Park Street and Chowringhee, the art gallery exhibits not only works of culture and art, but also fashion and other jewellery and accessories. Being a regular visit, for the high-income population of Kolkata, and open on all weekdays, the art gallery is a living heritage, promoting aesthetics and cultural excellence.

Spandan Art Gallery
Another witness to Kolkata’s cultural growth and existence, Spandan, as the name implies, is another nascent offering promoting creative pursuit. An independent venture of the Spandan Foundation, the art gallery is famous for providing a stable platform to the budding artists’ pursuing creativity, to the dregs. Spandan, brings reputed talents from all across the country, to promote art and culture in any form and shape, be it media production, or black and white patches of painting, which reaches to the bottom of the viewers’ heart.

The Academy of Fine Arts
Located, in the Cathedral Road, the academy is an important landmark in the city of Kolkata, promoting culture and heritage. Establsihed in 1933, by lady Ranu Mukherjee, the Academy is rich in its’ content, which consists of miniature paintings, Indian Textiles and sculptures representing Indian form of art. Open between Tuesdays to Saturdays, between 3 pm to 7 pm, the centre is a must see for all visitors who love art and culture.