Church Location at Kolkata (Calcutta)

Church location at kolkata (Calcutta).

Church location at kolkata (Calcutta).

Built in 1724, an Armenian national named Cavond, it is one of the oldest churches in Kolkata.

Managed by Mission of Mercy Hospital & Research Centre, Assembly of God Church, is one of the oldest structures in Kolkata. Located in the confluence of Royd Street and Park Street, it hosts one of the biggest Christian altars in Kolkata.

Located on the A.J.C Bose Road, a famous protestant church. Jora Girja forms an important landmark in Kolkata. The structure consists of two church buildings clubbed together with double turrets. Being one of the oldest heritage structures, Jora Girja is also known as St. James Church.

Most Popular Churches in Kolkata

Truly a social and divine spirit, Mother Teresa, is the founder member of ‘ Nirmal Hriday” the home for the underprivileged class and the destitute. Located near the Kalighat Temple,, it is considered to be a spiritual structure taking care of the poor population in the city. Characterized by neo mughal style architecture, the home requires no fees for admission. It is open on all weekdays, except on Thursdays.

One of the oldest prayer houses, St. John’s Church, constructed during 1884 – 87, is popularly known as ‘Stone Church’. Build in the Greek architectural pattern, the construction is embedded of stones, which is an unique form of art. The church hosts a graveyard, which remains witness to the deaths of some famous personalities, like Job Charnock, his daughters, Lord Brabourne etc.

Situated on Cathedral Road, one of the oldest structures of Kolkata, St. Paul’s Cathedral marks an important landmark in ‘The City of Joy’. Designed by a Military Engineer, William Nairn Forbes, the total construction was completed in 1847. The heritage site remains open for the public on all weekdays except on Sundays. Separated by a distance of 14 Kms from Howrah station approximately, the divine piece of architecture is visited by innumerable tourists across the year.

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