Junput,Junput Sea Beach,Junput Tourism,Junput Beach Travel Guide

Junput, Junput Sea Beach, Junput Tourism

Junput located about 40 Km towards north east of Digha. Junput is another beach resort of West Bengal, hugged by casuarina trees. Although not known in popularity, Junput is a lonely destination enjoyable for newly wed couples.

Junput, Junput Sea Beach, Junput Beach Travel Guide, Junput Travel Guide, Junput Beach, Junput Tourism
Junput, Junput Sea Beach, Junput Travel Guide, Junput Beach, Junput Tourism

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Junput sea beach geographically located between 21 degrees 43.23 minutes north latitude, and 87 degrees 48.88 minutes East longitude, the sea beach is extremely calm and quiet, with gentle breeze brushing across the tourists, to provide for a peaceful and tranquil environment. Junput , although was chosen to be developed as a sea beach resort, Digha was chosen afterwards as a substitute. The destination hosts a scientific research industry, besides a renowned centre for studies in marine biology. There is also a farm for breeding ducks. Employment in the location is sustained by brackish water fish cultivation.

Junput Beach Travel Guide

The total area has a huge tourism potential, which still remains unexplored. Since the sea has subsided quite a bit from the land area, the spot provides an excellent opportunity for waders and bird watchers.

The best season to visit junput is between October’s to March.

How to reach Junput

Reaching Junput is through either directly from Vidyasagar Setu via car, or by trekker from Digha.

Junput is well connected with Digha, and regular bus services are available on a daily basis. Besides, it is 10 Kms from Contai (Kanthi), and 156 kms from Kolkata. Junput is about 8 Kms from Kanthi.

Rail connectivity to Junput is through Contai (Kanthi) town which is 10 Kms away. Bus services are available from Digha which is 40 km from Junput.

Private car services can be hired, as one of the best modes of transport. Fare ranges between Rs 2500 – Rs 4000/- from Kolkata, depending on the quality of vehicle hired.