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Kolkata is one of the major metros in India, located on the east bank of river Hooghly. Being one of the largest city in the country, with a high urban agglomeration, the city is geographically located at 22 degrees 33 minutes north and 88 degrees 20 minutes east, in the ganges Delta. Height of elevation ranges from 5 ft till 30 ft. Soil type is alluvial, making the location prone to earthquakes and other natural calamities.
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The city of Kolkata has an area of 185 square kilometres and comes under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Entire Kolkata, which includes greater Kolkata, is spread over an area of 1750 square kilometres and consists of 157 postal areas, in addition to 38 local municipalities. The urban agglomeration consists of 72 cities and 527 towns and villages. Well equipped by one international airport (Netaji Subhas International Airport), 3 major railway stations (Howrah, Sealdah and Kolkata), and more than 20 major bus terminuses, the city is well connected to all other major metros, like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, via Road, Rail and Air. Besides, this, the city is also well connected to all other major towns, tier II and Tier III cities across India.
The city is highly polluted and densely populated which exceeds 10 million of local population as recorded at the end of 2006. The sex ratio is 928 per 1000 males as per 2001 census. The climate is tropical with hot and humid summers, followed by a good splash of monsoon, and a low winter ranging for about 2 months approximately. Average temperature varies between 15 degrees Celsius till 38 degrees Celsius.
Living in Kolkata is a good experience. The city is well connected to different parts of the state, with preferably good urban infrastructure. Supply of water is sufficient , barring extreme summers. The area of the city is intersected with Hooghly river, towards Howrah, giving a fertile touch to the surrounding rich alluvials. Food of all types is available at a cheap rate within the city, when compared to other major metros, besides, Chennai. Retail market although quite common, people are traditional, with a bulk of population preferring services through open local markets. Social safety and security can be rated as average. The environmental pollution is one of the highest, being one of the major metros. Bulk of the population earn their livelihood through service. Per capita’ income is Rs 24000 per annum, on an average.
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Home to some of renowned Universities like, Calcutta University, Jadavpur University, to name a very few, the city serves as the cultural capital of India.

Major industries include, Jute Processing, together with engineering products, Electronics, Electrical equipments, Cables, Steel, Leather, Textiles, Jewellery, Frigates, Automobiles, Railway Coaches, Wagons, Tea, Paper, Pharmaceuticals to include a few.
These include the language academy ( Bhasa Sahitya Parishad ) in A J C Bose Road, besides, age old auditoriums like the Rabindra Sadan, a tribute to the greatest poet, Rabindranath Tagore, the country has ever produced. The city has a congested traffic, lacks greenery in certain areas, and culturally differ from the north to the south. Locations worth seeing, include, Victoria Memorial Hall, Kali Temple, Dakhshineshwar Temple, Alipore Zoo, Indian Museaum, Second Hooghly Bridge, Nicco Park, Aquatica, etc.
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Travelling through Kolkata will give you a glimpse of urban landscape crowded with highrises like South City Complex, refreshingly occupied by such traditional moghlai restaurants, like Aminia, yet there are spaces for cultural outings.

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